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With over 40 years of experience, TWG’s Bumper & Capstan winches have the strength to pull you out of any tight spot. With line pull ratings from 1500 lbs (7 kN) to 30,000 lbs (132 kN), our winches will be there with you to the last pull.


  • Winch with or without┬ábumper
  • Capstan head optional for AT&T shaft
  • Extension available curb side or street side
  • AT&T output shaft standard except 4CDU


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Performance Specifications

Max Line Pull TWG Model Line
k lbs kN Type DP Winch
1.5 7 Capstan 4CDU
3.2 14 Capstan 13CDU
4 18 Capstan 16CDU
6 26 Capstan 24CDU
12 53 Bumper 12U
20 88 Bumper 20U
30 132 Bumper 30U
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